Sunday, August 21, 2011

Maybe a Monkey?!

Today He and She has to comed back from fishing cuz it do be getting very windy and thundery and dark outside even though it do not be dark time!

And She started cooking supper even though it do not be suppertime neither.

And He started banging and banging and He maked swings!! In the porch!! See?! I is a helper dog!!
We do not knowed what He is making but I heared She say "Oh boy!! Are we getting a monkey!?"

So maybe we might could get a monkey!! And then Daisy and Harley might want to comed to vistited we!!

Is that not SO exciting?!

I thinked we is getting a monkey!! What else could it be?

I do not liked He to bang with that banger!

It do beed too loud and it hurted my ears!

I has to stayed in we house and try to watched from we door.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Harley is hoping against hope that you are getting a monkey! That would be his dream come true!