Monday, August 29, 2011


That is what I think about Aswell's post!

Aswell sayed I do be KRANKY.

See?! I sticked my tongue out at Aswell!

And at She!!

And at He!!

And at you too!!


  1. that's a girl kali!!!

    you are a girl, therefore it is your prerogative to be cranky or KRANKY once in awhile

  2. He sayed we might needed you to spend a few days with Aswell soon if you can. He thinked I might could be getting so cranky for a reason.

    So I had to sticked my tongue out at He too!

  3. i suppose i could do that if they need me long as we don't have any repeats of the poop like last time

  4. Poop? I do not knowed WHAT you is talked about! I thinked you must had me mixed up with some nother puppy!

  5. lol no i'm pretty sure it was you aswell...that's nice you've been able to block it out, but i sure haven' are just sooo innocent huh?

  6. I would never maked that kind of mess! I do has to have lots of baths though but that is cuz I liked to dig.

  7. well do you remember the bath i had to give you?? cus that bath was NOT because you were digging o_O

    good thing you are cute and cuddly puppy dog :)

  8. Kali, it is okay to wear your crankypants once in a while!