Monday, August 29, 2011

Kali is KRANKY

I do not knowed why Kali is SO KRANKY but she is SO KRANKY she is no fun to play with today!! I knowed KRANKY is supposed to be with a c but K is for Kali so I liked to do that, see?

We getted new bones yesterday and we did had some fights over those but today she is just being mean and grumpy and she do not even cared to fight about we bones; she just fighted about EVERYTHING!!!

It do not be so fun when Kali is KRANKY!


  1. I'm sorry Kali is kranky today! I think Aswell is always 'appy!

  2. He is but that is cuz he is kinda dumb!

  3. oooh... 'appy! That is very clever! I did not getted it right away.