Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Today She is sick and She did not liked we to waked She up when He leaved for He's early morning meeting.

But a course we did not KNOWED She were sick and we should not waked She up until we did! Oopsie!

She 'specially did not liked Aswell to licked She's nose!! That do not be a good way to waked up!!

Oh, and Grandma!!!! Aswell were a bad boy and She's hedgie do needed new eyes!! Cuz Aswell liked that hedgie but he eated he's eyes!!!

And He stealed a stuffed froggie to play with too!! And he does not shared that froggie or that hedgie good at all!! She taked a movie with Aswell and he's ribbity frog but She do not posted it yet cuz She had to fixed She's computer and She did not finished fixing She's computer yet and She's computer do not know She's camera yet and She do not feeled good enough to care.

Aswell is a bad sharer!!!

And do you knowed what else? He is making a new barbecue!! In the middle of we kitchen!!!! Aswell do tried to help but He do not liked Aswell's helping too much!!

Poor Aswell. He is just in so much troubles all day long, huh?!

Good think I am such a GOOD puppy!!


  1. Sounds like you two need to learn that somethings aren't to be shared -- like She's toys. Hopefully I can fix the eyes.
    You certainly sound live very busy helpers.
    News here -- our friendly (?) neighbourhood shopper has been back and now I need a new iPod. Off to look at prices.

  2. She sayed maybe you needs to borrow we!!! We could bark and bark and bark very loud!!!

    Or maybe we could just bite that bad stealer!!!

  3. Kali, you are a good puppy! It is especially good of you to tell us all the bad things Aswell done!

  4. Oh, your dog is very nice.. Train your dog more..