Sunday, July 24, 2011

Down to the lake

He & She did not taked we fishing yesterday!!!!

He sayed it was too hot.

She sayed She worries too much we might fall in the lake.

So we has to stay home again!!!!

We do not liked to stay home when He and She goed fishing!!!

We wanted to go too!

When He & She comed back, He came to open we door for we but She stayed down at the boat.

So I runned out to see She.

I runned right over the zzzzttt line!!!

But I did not get a zzzzttt!!

Cuz I do not weared my collar!!!

And She were going to putted my collar back on again but ha ha!!!

She could not cuz you know what?

We - uh - - - Aswell eated my zzztt collar!!!!! It did not tasted too good but it did be good chewing!!


  1. Oh Aswell, that was a sort of notty thing you done!

  2. I did not meaned to be notty!!!

    I just liked to chew!!!

    And anyways, Kali is not so good as she sayed. She helped chew too!!!

  3. lmao oh's a good thing you guys are cute (if not rather goofy looking)

  4. When you have a pet it is very perfect to go outside like taking a long walk with your pet.

  5. SO HE/sHe RUNNED THE DOG AND BOW AW AW?? DAT IS GREATS FOR YOU AND YOU AND DOG AW AW.. cute kalintong mandaluyong.. by the way highway, im so just for laughing here and there when i seeing your blogging, its likes im read a google translation mga ungasius kayo.. im rated this 9/10.. i dont knowing why.. ^_^