Thursday, June 9, 2011


We had a BIG storm!! Do you see that rain coming? It comed very fast and She had to runned into the house after she taked that picture! She did not knowed She were going to take a picture of the storm coming! She thinked She was taking a picture of the lake cuz He sayed the lake looked funny. Then She learned why the lake looked funny! It was a BIG storm!

We tree falled down!! But it did not hitted anything 'cept some of the grumpy lady's plants. So that do be good!

We does not be skerred in the storm!! We did not even waited for it to stopped raining before we were wanting to go outside. And do you knowed what?! She letted we go outside and Aswell were a brat!!! He walked RIGHT to the clicky line and he do not clicked so he thinked he might go 'sploring cuz if he do not clicked, he do not get a zzzttt!!

But I comed back when She sayed! I am a good dog!

You comed back for chickens!! But yes, you do be a gooder dog now, Aswell.

Hank and He goes down to checked the boats right after the big winds! She was fussed cuz there still beed lots of lightenings and thunders! But He do not be skerred neither!! Only She beed skerred!!

And We does not had lights and stuff for a long time but She maked we collars clicked again. She taked the box from under She's desk and putted that in the nother room and we fence started working again even in the dark!

And we had a nice sunset and She and He sitted on the end of the dock and tried to catch fishes but we do not liked that because She and He do not letted we go fishing too!!!

We do wanted to go too!! Maybe next time!!!!

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  1. Big storms can be skerry! Sometimes the sky turns green when we have a big storm.

    Aswell is bad like Harley, sometimes. I think boys are naturally badder than girls.