Thursday, June 9, 2011

Home Alone

Kali and me do not liked to be home alone too much sometimes!
Sometimes we might wanted to go outside.

Or we might think it be time for treats!!!

Today He and She hadded to go to a meeting!!

I do not knowed about that meeting but She sayed we can not go!!

But we thinked it be time for treats!

And do you knowed what?

She forgetted to put we treats away in the high up
cupboard and She leaved they on the table!!

So I had a GOOD idea!!

I is a clever puppy!

We is not 'llowed to go on the table!

So I do not goed on the table! I getted on a CHAIR!!

So I were not being bad!!

When I getted on that chair, I tries to reach we treats so we can has chickens!

Only some stuff falled down and it maked a loud noise and it breaked.

But that do be okay cuz She sweeped it all up when She camed home.

And I did not getted the chickens cuz they was too far from the edge of the table and I is not allowed to go up on the table so I could not has chickens but I DO getted lots of fun stuffs to play with.
We taked all He's masks out of He's box for He!!

They had 'lastic on them!! Lastics is fun to pull!!

We pulls lots of lastics right off those masks!!

Do not believe Aswell!

We did not done that stuff!!

He did that stuff all by his own self.

I telled Aswell to be good too but he does not listen to me too good.

But I were NOT bad cuz I did not goed on the table!!!

I is a GOOD puppy!

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  1. bahahahaha that was so nice of you guys...and good job staying off the table :)