Monday, June 13, 2011

Inside bone/Outside bone

Today He and She goed out to a nother meeting.

And Aswell getted up on the table again!!!

Cuz he is a bad boy!!

But I do be thinking He and She do not be so smart neither!!!

Cuz He and She leaved treats on we table AGAIN!!

So of COURSE Aswell is going to be bad cuz he finded such good treats!

Today he finded bones!!

New kinda bones we did not has before!!

But I knowed we was not gived those bones so we should maybe not had they!!

So I waited until Aswell getted those bones and then I taked they away from he!!

He did not liked me to had both the bones but I do be bigger than Aswell and when we has a fight I always winned so he did not taked the bones away from me. He just barked and barked.

I do not cared if Aswell barked and barked. He and She do not liked it but He and She do not beed here.

I taked GOOD care of those bones!! And I only chewed them just a little bit.

But when He and She came home She and He sayed we could has those bones!!!

BUT they do thinked Aswell should had one and so should me!!

But I liked to have two bones!!

I letted Aswell had two nother chewies!

So that were fair, huh!? I thinked so.

But Aswell did not and he tattled on me and he barked and barked and barked and He and She getted mad at we for barking!!

That is not too fair because I do not barked MINE fool head off, only Aswell do!

So NOW we had a outside bone and a inside bone and when I is outside I getted the outside bone and Aswell comed in and has the inside bone and then when I comed to the door Aswell runned out to the outside bone and I runned in to the inside bone!

And then I wanted to go outside and Aswell runned in!! Again!!

So I do had to share those good bones. Too bad, huh?

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  1. Finders keepers! Kali, I think you should have gotten to keep both bones!