Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Sometimes it is SO FERUSTERATING to be a puppy!!

This morning She were tippy typing on She's computer.

He were doing stuffs to the van. I do not knowed what.

And Aswell goed away!!!

Aswell getted gone and I did not knowed where Aswell goed!!!!!

So I runned in and tried to tell She!! I whined and talked and jumped on She!!

She came to see if the door was opened for me to go in and out and then SHE WENT AND SITTED BACK DOWN!!!

She thinked Aswell was with He and He thinked Aswell was with She and Aswell was outside the clickies and nobody understanded me!!!!!!!!

He and She do not payed enough attention to me!!!!

He and She finded out what I were trying to tell they when Aswell camed back!!! All by his own self!!!

We do not knowed where Aswell goed but he is all wetted so maybe he was in the lake or maybe he was 'sploring in the swamp!

But Aswell is home now and he is staying home good even though the fence do not be clicking today cuz it do be breaked!!!

He is out looking for where it do be breaked so He can fix it for we!!!

That were too stressful for me!!!

He and She needs to learn to listen gooder!


  1. oh no! happy he came back by himself least he's learned that even if he can't quite remember not to go exploring by himself

  2. He fixed the fence again so we collars click again so maybe that will help Aswell remember. Until the next time!

    She sayed it is a good thing we lives in a small town most of the times! Otherwise we would has to have a gooder pen.

    But She is still a little worried and wished He would putted a proper fence back up. But He do not.