Saturday, February 19, 2011


I getted a ~little~ dirty the nother day!

So today, guess what?! I hadded a bath!

Aswell's bath
I do not minded the bathtub.

I let She washed me all over.

And use the shower too. I liked the shower.
Aswell's bath Baths is pretty fun!!!!

Aswell in tub You can see I really needed that bath!

Look at the waters! It is dirty now!

When She finished giving me my bath, it were Kali's turn.

Kali did not liked that bath so much. I do not liked it even a little bit!!!

I wants to get out! But She did not letted me!

I wanted to help!

I would had jumped right back in but He sayed no.

That do be enough now!!!!!

I getted a towel for you Kali!

Oh oh!! I think He missed a spot!


  1. First of all, I love your muddy photo, it is awesome! I never had a bath before; it looks a little bit like fun.

  2. It is fun to get all muddy and it is fun to get all clean again!

    Too bad it getted too cold for mud again!