Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hiding my bones

Ha! I getted another bone today!

Mostly He and She takes we bones away when we gets out of we beds in the mornings.

But sometimes if we is being good they do lets we keep them.

Today we getted to keep our bones after we came back in the house. But then Aswell do tried to take my bone and have his bone too! That is NO FAIR!

So I hided my bone!

Now I has one more chewie bones in my hidey spot!

He & She do be looking for my bones because they do be going out today and they do not liked to leave us home alone when there is bones that we do fight over sometimes but He & She do not finded my hidey spot!

I will like to keep my bones!

And do you know the goodest part?! When I goes to bed again She will has to give me a new bone again!! Because we ALWAYS gets a chewie bone when we goes in we beds! So maybe tomorrow I will has another bone to hide!

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