Thursday, February 3, 2011

boo hoo!!!

She YELLED at me now!!!

I do not liked it when She yelled at me!!!

She is SO MEAN sometimes!!!!

I were just trying to be She's friend but She do not wanted to be my friend!!

She do liked snuggles but She do NOT like to be scratched or pawed for to give me attentions!!

She is so picky, huh!?


  1. Moms can be a little bit picky. Sometimes I lick, lick, lick my Mommeh's hand and she says "Daisy, you're about to remove all my skin!" My tongue is sandpaper-y.

  2. That's what She whines about too!! Well not me licking - but She do likes to keeped She's skin on She's arm where it belongs, She sayed. She do not liked me to scratched it all off.

  3. skin shouldn't be scratched off...not fun...and this coming from someone who has scratches all over my hand and arm because of Zebra...he was being mean to me