Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh Aswell is SO DUMB!!!

He and She do not likes me & Aswell to bark too much outside.

So if there bees something we fights too much about and we barks our fool heads off too much, She will come outside and take it away!!

So today it were raining - but guess what?! I did not pee & poop in the house even though it were raining! - and some of the snows melted and we finds a bone!!!

All day we has beed going outside and every time She or He comes to make us come in the house because we is barking too much and we is going to bug the neighbours I is behind the hedge where She can not seed I has a bone and that be why Aswell is barking at me!

But just now, She surprised me and She opened the door and I has the bone where She can see it. But She do not has shoes on so She do not wants to chase me so far. I grabs the bone and runs behind the hedge again.

She goed into the house and putted on He's big boots and She's coat and She came out again to take that bone away!! I thinks I will just leave the bone hiding behind the hedge and I runs to the door to go in. I is thinking She will not wants to go in the hedge and gets the bone in the dark and the wet!

But She do not has to!!

Because that dumb Aswell has been wanting my bone all day so as soon as I came out from my spot in the hedge with no bone he runned and getted it and She called him and She telled him he is SUCH a good boy. When She says SUCH like that, that means She has treats for us!

So he goes right to She!!!! With my bone!!!

She taked my bone away!!!!

She is mean!!! And Aswell is DUMB!!!!

And it is NO FAIR that Aswell getted a treat and I do not too!

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  1. D'oh! Aswell made a big mistake! I hope you find another, better bone soon.