Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

We has lots of companies!! Lots of peoples comed to our house!!

And Lady comed to our party too!!

Lady do not likes us too much at first!

We do be hyperpuppies when there is dogs come to visit.

She sayed we need more dog visitors so we learn to be polite.

We is not so polite yet!

Kali barked and barked and barked! She maked her stop!

I do not likes that when She maked me settle down!!

But I has to or She do not lets me go! And anyway, Aswell do be 'noxious too. He jumped on Lady and he keeped bugging Lady even when Lady telled him to GO AWAY.

They has lots of foods! I has cheeses! Cheeses is good foods!

And we has a fire too! She spilled the fire all on the counter and on the floor and it getted on some boots too! Fires is exciting!!

I likes parties!

And me too!

Aswell & Kali

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