Thursday, January 6, 2011

My coat!

Today it is so nice out. It is not SO cold. But it do beed very damp and when I comed in the house, I was soaky wet all over and shivery cold.

I keeps dragging clothes to She. I bringed He's robe. I bringed She's sock. I bringed She's shirt. THEN She figures out I wants my coat so I can go outside to play some more! Yay!

She do putted my coat on me and She putted Kalie's coat on Kalie and we goed out to play.

But do you know what game Kalie liked to play? She played STEAL MY COAT!!

She pulls and pulls my coat and it comed right OFF!!

I tried to pull Kalie's coat off of her but it do not come off good!!

This is not fair!! I do get cold and wet cuz my furs is not so thick and warm like Kalie's. But now Kalie do has a coat on and I do not!



  1. That was a little bit naughty of Kalie to pull off your fancy coat!

  2. That is funny about the game she wants to play.. Be careful maybe next time not only your coat she like to steal..