Wednesday, January 5, 2011


She is being weird this morning.

She is tippy typing on She's computer cuz She has lots of works to do this week and She be all stressed and cranky about it and Kalie and me keeps trying to get up on She's lap to She can pets us and feel better!

But She do not wants Kalie and me to be on She's lap!

She did petted us sometimes but then She getted fed up and sayed She has to do some works so we should go play but we do not wanted to.

So She getted all the toys and balls and She putted all us toys on She's desk and every time we comes to help She to feel better She throws a toy and we goes to chased it and then we fighted over the toys and we forgetted to come back to help She do She's work.

But only for a little while and then we goes back and She throws another toy and we goes to chased it and ....

hey! I think She do be tricking me! And Kalie too!



  1. I think She has a great plan!

  2. She thinked so too. Every time She hadded to go get more coffee She picked up all the toys and bringed them back so She can throw those toys again for us.

    Cuz we is not too good at bringing toys back to She yet. Sometimes we do but mostly we do not.