Monday, January 10, 2011

Laying Down

When He and She has good stuffs to eat, Aswell and me is sposed to lie down and we might getted some!

Except Aswell is too dumb. Sometime he do lied down but mostly he do not. He tries to jump up on He and She and takes some foods right from He and She's plates!!!

I has to learn lots of things too though!

  • I has to learn NO WHINING. She do not likes me to whine for foods. It is okay to whine for pets sometimes (cept not too much when She is working cuz She has to work sometimes you know!!! That is what She sayed when She is getting mad at me for wanting to be on She's lap too much). And it is always okay to whine for going outside to pee and poop and play. But whining for foods is NOT OKAY.

  • And I has to learn not just to LAY DOWN but to lay down away from dumb dogs that do not understanded about laying down. If I stays too close to Aswell She can not gives me too much foods because if Aswell getted treats when he is not laying down he might thinked it is okay to be a goof and not lay down.

  • So now when He and She is eating, if Aswell do lays down good, I will lays down beside him. But when he gets up to be a goof I knows I should go far away and lay down someplace else so She can see I is a good layer downer but Aswell can not see that I is getting treats and he is not.

I learns that because I is MUCH smarter than Aswell. Aswell does be SO dumb sometimes!

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  1. You do have a lot of hard stuff to learn! I'm glad you are a good layer downer!