Friday, January 14, 2011

I can SEE!

And I do not has a stick catched in my furs too!

Today when I was playing outside I gets a stick all catched in my furs! It was catched hard so She and He could not just pulls it cuz that would pulls my furs and I would not liked that!

So She holded me still and He cut my furs! With the cutters!!

And since He and She was cutting my furs He cutted some furs around mine eyes too. I did not like that so much but it do be nice to see gooder again.

That picture is not so good because I is just too busy to be a good model tonight.

I has to run outside to look for He and then I has to come inside and talk to She and then I has to run outside again and look for He and then... well, I is just so busy. I do not knowed where He goed!!

It is almost my bedtime and He do not be here!! Where is He?!


  1. I'm glad you can see gooder with your new hairdo. It does not sound very fun to get sticks stuck in your furs.

  2. Oh, I did not mind to have that stick hanging on my bum at all but She and He did not liked me to keep it.

    I did not liked them cutters though.