Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today we goes in the car.
I thinks we is going to the nother house.
We DO goes to the nother house.
But first we stops and pees.
And then we stops and sees Jess & Tamara!
And do you know?!
Jess & Tamara gots cats!
In Jess & Tamara's HOUSE!!
I wants to play with those cats!
And Aswell too!!
But those cats do not wants to play with me!
And Aswell too!

This cat do not come to see me and Aswell at all.

He be hiding.
He be a scaredy cat!

But this cat do comes out to see me!!
And Aswell too!
But that cat do not likes me to bark.
Or Aswell too!

But we is too excited to shuts up!
That Zebra cat is very, very interesting!
I wants to sniff that cat!
And Aswell too!


  1. I wish I could play with you and Aswell. But I might be too skerred, too!

  2. When we gets a bit older, She sayed maybe we won't be so 'citeable!

    Then those cats might like us better!

    And you too!

  3. Winslow didn't come out for a good long while after you guys left (and jess and I came back)...when he did come out from wherever he was hiding he kept looking around and had a freaked out look on his face...i'm sure you would have been nice, but he's had a rough go at the whole dog thing so...

    zebra would have come to play at some point i think...he kept trying to come see you, but then the barking freaked him out