Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bones bones bones!

He and She goes away.
We waits in Aswell's box.
We waits for He and She to come back
and let us out of the box.
Then they do!
She taked us downstairs for a pee.
She has to carry Aswell.
He do not like stairs!
Dumb Aswell!
I go up the stairs all by my own self!
I go down the stairs all by my own self!
(but I maybe whine just a little)

Aswell and me goes pee
Then we goes back up the stairs.
And guess what?!
She and He buys foods!
And bones!!
I like my new bone!
And Aswell too!

That is bad that Aswell do like my new bone!
He do has his own bone.
But he likes mine better.
So he takes mine
and I goes to take his
and then he comes and takes mine
(his? I is getting confused!)
So we is mostly fighting about bones!

I would likes to chew my bone!
But not Aswell!
He just likes to steal mine bone!
Too bad She don't like me to be
down stairs by my own self.
Then Aswell could not has my bone!