Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh mine goodness!

Aswell scared us!
Very bad!
We has companies today.

We plays very hard.
Me and Max and Aswell fights and plays.
Then we gets tired.

Max goes to sleeps in he's car.
He and She and Max's peoples plays cards.

I goes to sleeps on the floor beside She and He.
And Aswell goes to sleep on Scrooge's bed.

Only he do not!!

Silly Aswell!

He do not sleeps.
And then he screams!!!
He cries and cries SO loud!!!
Aswell is so hurted and scared!

He scared all of the peoples!

And me too!
He runs to She and He!
And he do looks very scared!
And he do sounds very upsetted!

And he is loud!
He scared me awake!
So I cries too!
She do not knows why Aswell is crying.
Or me too!
But then after we is all calmed down She finds that cord.
Aswell bited that cord right apart!
She do not has noises on She's puter any more!
Cuz Aswell bited that cord!
Aswell should not bites those!
Or me too!


  1. oh poor he won't be doing that again any time soon...

  2. Oh noes! Aswell made a very bad mistake. I am glad he is all better now. That sounds very, very skerry!

  3. So sorry to hear that Aswell gets such a hard lesson. Glad he wasn't seriously hurt but most scared. Sure hope he has learned!

    And sorry about the cord too but that more easily replaced than Aswell.