Friday, October 22, 2010

I gets MAD!

Today He and She and Aswell is ALL making me MAD!
But mostly She.
She do not lets Aswell and me fight.
I NEEDS to fight with Aswell.
Else he might think he can has mine stuffs.
And his too!
He is not supposed to has ANY stuffs!
Not unless I lets him.
And I do not!
First She keeped taking my stuffs away.
But we keeps going to gets more stuffs.
And I is telling Aswell to give me all the stuff.
She says to shush but I is too busy telling Aswell.
So She picks me up and She do not puts me back down!
I is MAD at She!

I whines and whines to go down.
And I is MAD at She!
So as soon as She putted me down I pees.
Right on the floor!
So now I is mad at She.
And She is mad at me.

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