Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mine Grandma!!

Hey, mine Grandma!! He and She is being very MEAN at me tonight.

Maybe you should tells He and She to be nicer! Don't you thinks that is a good idea?

I thinks that it a good idea.

He and She are sitting on the couch and there is room for me in the middle. I sits in the middle.

But not now. He putted stuffs so I can not sit in mine spot!

And SHE closed the bedroom door too!!!

He keeps telling me to go lie down on mine bed you gived me but it is not mine bedtime! I wants to sit on the COUCH.

Ido not knows why He and She is being SO MEAN AT ME!


  1. why is she being mean to you? i'm confused...did i miss something?? maybe you should lay down on one of the TWO beds that are specially yours??

  2. She say you should looks at the labels and then you will see why.

    She says I is a WET STINKY DOG!

    I is NOT STINKY!

    I smells just like a wet Scrooge is posed to smell!

  3. Poor Scroogie! That is very, very means!

  4. I seriously believe that when you make a committment to have an animal in your house it involves more of a committment as to when you are married. In marriage the other person could take care of themselves if they needed to but an animal can never look after themselves when they have been brought up in a house. They are to look after you in good times and bad, when you are healthy and when you are sick, when you are all nice and clean and when you get stinky.

    I feel very sorry for you. They do try to do their best for you so I guess we should allow them one or two BRIEF times of being difficult.

    (I can side with you because I don't have to smell you or live with you. LOL&L (Laughter and Love.)

  5. She must has listened to you, mine Grandma, cuz today we went fishing and we camed back and I is still allowed on mine spot on the couch.

    And She did not closes the bedroom door neither.