Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boats is fun

I used to not likes boats. We had a little boat and a bigger boat and both of those boats was too rocky for me.

I did not likes them and when She tried to get me to go in those boats I would go in but then I would jump right out the nother side!! Even when mine nother best dog Dioge went with She and me in the boat I would not stay.

But this year He and She buys a new boat and it is a good boat for dogs.

I likes that boat and I do not has to stay home and bark and bark mine fool head off when He and She goes out in that boat.

I jumps right in the boat and goes with He and She. Cept when I misses and I falls in the lake but then She and He laughs at me and waits while I walks all the way back to where I can get up on the dock and tries again.

I is a bit clumsy sometimes and I falls in the lake and then I gets wet and stinky and I is not 'llowed in She and He's bedroom until I is not so wet and stinky any more.

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