Monday, June 7, 2010

Mine Grandma!!

Mine Grandma camed to visit me at mine house!

And Jessica and Mandy and Andrea camed too. Me and Mandy and Jessa went on the boat with He and She and then Mandy and Andrea goed away and only Jessa and Mine Grandma sleeps at mine house.

And we gets to go for more boat rides and Mine Grandma goes on the boat too. With me. I is a very good boat dog now we gots a new boat that is not so skerry like the nother boats. I likes the new boat cuz it is flat on the bottom and you can walks good on it.

And you know what else? Mine Grandma shares her foods with me and we had meats!

And she lets me sleep in the bed with her even though She said Mine Grandma do not likes to sleeps with animals in the bed. But she letted me because I is such a good dog. I sleeps some time with Jessa and some time with Mine Grandma and sometimes with He but not with She cuz She sleeped on the little couch and She did not have room for me.

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