Sunday, October 11, 2009

Turkeys and Beds

We is making a turkeys tomorrow!

Tamara is here already and Jessica is coming tomorrow and she is bringing Mandy and the other peoples to eat turkeys.

Mine Grandma isn't coming though cuz she eated turkeys today and she doesn't wants to drive so far for more turkeys so I offered to eat her turkeys for her. Aren't I a good dog? I is very helpful, huh!

And Tamara maked me a new bed. I got the bed mine Grandma gived me at the nother house but I needed a bed at mine old house too cuz He and She tooked mine couch that I used to sleeps on in the tv room to the nother house and that is good for when we watches the big tv at the nother house but it is not so good at this old house. But now I gots a comfy bed in the bedroom and a nother comfy bed in the tv room at this old house too.

I gots 2 beds at each house and I gots to house so that means I gots - um - a lots of beds just for me!

I am a lucky dog and I likes beds and turkeys.

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