Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dog Days by Bruce Meyer

If you likes dogs and you likes poems you should know about a new book one of She's teachers writed.

I likes dogs but I do not like poems so much but these poems are all about dogs and some of them is funny and there is one that says

Tell them a dog wrote this poem by banging on the keys.
Her paws started flying as if she was scratching fleas.
I merely cleaned it up afterward. It needed an edit ...
(A Comedy of Terriers p. 20)

and there is lots more (that one has even gots pee in it!) but you should get the book and then you can reads it for yourself.

Oh and there is a nother one that has a part in it about

The dog would like to apologize
for ripping the arms off the couch.

She says, forgive me, but I thought you said the stuffing was fresh flesh upon the bone

(O Canidae, p 31)

Ripping the couch is bad, huh!? I never did that. I is a good dog and I doesn't wreck furnitures except I sheds all over it sometimes but I can't helps that, can I?

Anyway, She and He and Me all likes Dog Days by Bruce Meyer and you will likes it too. I says.

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  1. With such a reliable recommendation, I just don't know how we can not read this book. Good to see you have a new profession, Scrooge.