Sunday, September 6, 2009

Open House

Guess what? We had a party today and all of my people's and even some I didn't know came to visits me at the nother house.

And I had lots of foods. I had meats and fishes (but they forgetted to cooks it!!) and fruits and vegetables and oh yeah - CHEESES too!

And Lady came to visit mine nother house too but she mostly laid in the bushes at the side of the house and didn't play with me much.

And guess what else? People bought presents and mine Grandma bought presents for ME! She bringed ME a doggie bed just for ME!! I shared it with Amandy though, cuz she wanted to try it but it is MINE comfy dog bed and I likes it a lot. Thanks Grandma!

The pictures of mine new bed are on the nother camera but I will get She to download them so you can sees them tomorrow but for now I will just post the picture of Lady cuz I has it on this puter now.

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