Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just stuff

I sleeps on mine new bed from mine grandma last night. Not the nother nights cuz Tamara and Jessa was here and when they is here I has to sleeps with them so they doesn't gets lonely. But last night they was gone so I sleeps upstairs on mine new bed and it was very comfy.

We got cats in mine house! I can smells them and hears them but I doesn't get to meet them yet. That is no fair! I wants to meet those new cats and see if maybe they are cool cats like Daisy and Harley. Maybe they will wear clothes and do secret spy stuffs!

She went to school today and She was gone for TOO long but He only leaved me for little whiles. And anyway, James was here and I likes James. He lets me sit outside with him even when He and She is not home.

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  1. Whoa! You got cats!??? That's awesome. I hope you will become good friends with them!