Saturday, September 12, 2009

Now on Facebook

I doesn't know much about what facebook is - but now I gots mine own facebook cuz She wanted to has a nother Farmville farm.

So if you is on Facebook, you should be mine friend - and you should be mine neighbour on Farmville too, k? I says!

Oh, and guess what? Daisy gots her own facebook page too! Me and Daisy is friends but not neighbours yet (but I did asked her to be mine neighbour and maybe she will says yes). And Diane - that is the lady that I likes to call The Lady cuz her dog is named Lady and going to visits "Lady and the lady" is kinda funny....she is mine friend on facebook too. And Jessa and Tamara too! I is having lots of friends but I still needs more so you should come to mine profile and ask me to be your friend and will say yes for sure, k? I says!

Oh, and Grandma if you reads this, maybe you should tells He and She that mine beds should come at this old house cuz at the nother house I gots places to sleeps upstairs and downstairs but at this house I only gots places to sleeps in the bedroom and I still gots no place in the living room and that is no good! He putted a pillow on the floor for me but it is SO too small and I wants mine comfy bed that you gived me.


  1. Hi Scrooge! I am glad you are on Facebook so we can be friends there, too. We do not play the farming game. At least not yet. I would be your neighbor if I did though!

  2. I definitely think that you need your comfy new bed at your VH house since you no longer have the sofa. Or they could buy you a nice one with shearling on one side -- it is a comfy, curly, sheep like material that would keep you very warm in the winter.