Saturday, September 19, 2009

Going Home Again

Today we are in the van and She and He and me are going home again. But She forgetted to bring mine dog bed again!!

We went to the market this morning too. I likes the market. I writed about it on Gather so you can go reads it there if you wants. You doesn't has to sign up to just reads on gather only if you wants to writes. I likes Gather cuz usually more people talks to me on Gather. I likes mine comments!

I walked lots this week. Today to the market. And the nother day He and Me getted to walks to She's school and meet her and then walks home again.

She's friend walked with us too. I likes She's friend.

Did I tells you John - that's one of the mans that lives in mine nother house - that John has got cats!! And they live in mine nother house too! And I likes them cats. Mostly they stays in John's room and I can't sees them 'cept when John lets me. But now they is not so skerred and they starts to come out of that room and sometimes they comes up to mine partment and sees me!

And you know what the best part is? Even when all the peoples goes out and leaves me at home all by mine own self, I knows that those cats is there too so I is not really all alone all by my own self.

I still likes it better when there is peoples home at mine house with me. But it is good to have cats too.

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  1. Scrooge! I am glad you are making friends with the cats! That's cool.