Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a little skittish

Today He and She and me and Jessa and Tamara all walks to the bus station. Jessa and Tamara had to get on the bus and go home because they both has JOBS and they has to go back home so they can go to their JOBS tomorrow.

That makes She SO happy!

Anyway, on the way home we was walking and all of a sudden I seed a dog in the shiny window and I ran at it and barks madly and THEN I figures out that that dog has She on a leash and - oh - that was just ME! I was barking at mine own self.

And then I stops and tries to pretend I knowed it were me all the time and that I was not at all silly but we goes just a little bit further and I steps on a thing on the sidewalk and it is loose and OH MY GOODNESS did I EVER jump!!!

I thinked I might come right out of my skin.

Cities sure is different than mine home at the lake. I doesn't know if I will EVER get used to all the busy!

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