Monday, August 24, 2009

Home again

We is at our 'nother house now. We drived in the van a long time and I was very good 'cept when they both went into the store to buy stinky cigarettes and leaved me in the van all by mine own self and I barked and barked.

And when we stopped for peeing She stays with me and He goes into the coffee place and He was gone too long and I was getting SO worried that He wasn't going to come back out but then He did and I was SO happy.

Only one big problem!!!!

He and She is forgetting MY BED!!!

I am sleeping on the couch but there is NO BEDS for me on the floor besides He and She's bed! So maybe I will has to sleeps in the bed with He and She. That could works but only if He would lets me and He doesn't likes me in the bed with them. That's why I has to sleeps on the couch or on MY bed until He and She is both asleep and then I get on the bed on She's side because She sleeps good and doesn't feels me so She lets me stay.

But I thinks I needs mine bed but it is at mine 'nother house. *sad*

1 comment:

  1. Oh darn, I'm sorry they forgot your bed! I usually like sleeping in the big bed, myself.