Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home Alone

I doesn't likes it when they goes away and leaves me here alone.

I starts to shake as soon as they puts their shoes on and gets ready to go outside.

If they picks up mine leash I stops shaking and starts jumping up and down. I am SO HAPPY!!!

But sometimes they doesn't pick up the leash and when I tries to run outside to the van they says no and then I has to come back in the house and stay here all by mine own self.

She gives me a treat when I has to, but I won't eat it until they comes back home. I just puts it on the floor and then when they comes home, I run to get it and THEN I eats my treat.

Today they went out and did not take me. I was sad.

But then they camed home and I eated my treat and I was happy again.

Then He went out again, but She stays home with me. That's better. I says.

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