Monday, July 6, 2009

A Good Day

I had such a good day.

She stayed home with me even when He went out.

And then He came back and then he went out again but he taked me with him in the van. We went to get the mail and stuffs.

Then we came home and I eated my dinner and they eated their dinner and when She was cooking their foods there was fats on the roast that they didn't give me yesterday even though I really wanted it and I TELLED them but she trimmed all the fats off and I get to eat it all up. I likes roast beef. Even the fat parts.

And then after they eated and I eated, She wanted to go for a walk and He didn't wants to go but I did and She taked me.

We walked a long way and I never been that way before so there was lots of new things to sniff.

She lets me sniff lots when we was walking there but coming home She walks way too fast and She didn't wants to stop for me to sniffs. I thinks bugs was bugging her. Bugs can be very bugging!


  1. Bugs bug my Mommie on walks, too. The kind that BITE real hard and leave a big red bump.

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