Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Friend Wendy

Today I didn't get to go kill bugs with Him.

But I did get to go to Wendy's house with Her. This is Wendy. She was making a funny face. She doesn't always look silly like that, only sometimes.

And Wendy brought out CHEESES just for me.

I shared a little bit with Her though.

But I got LOTS of CHEESES and I didn't even has to do anything to get them.... well, 'cept sit nice and lay down nice but I am good at sits and lay downs.

And did you know that Wendy doesn't has any dogs but she's got cats?

One of her cats scared me and I barked but then I stopped.

I didn't headbuts her cats cuz they stayed inside and I stayed outside and anyway, I knows that most cats doesn't likes me to headbut them so I wouldn't anyway. But anyway, I didn't.
Scrooge the walker hound and He

And we didn't get to walks home cuz He came and finds us there so He drives us home. After He sits and talks about bugs first.

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