Friday, June 5, 2009

A Bad Night

Usually I doesn't care when everybody goes to bed and goes to sleep. They do it every nights and I just wait until She is sound asleeps and then I can sneaks into bed with Her cuz she doesn't wake up enough to makes me get off the bed.

And when Tamara or Jess or anyone is visiting and sleeping over I doesn't even have to wait for Her to falls asleep to gets in bed with them. They lets me sleeps with them even when they is not asleep yet.

But last night I didn't want everyone to be asleep because my tummy was upsetted and I needed to go outside.

One time She gotted up and I whined at the door and She letted me out so that was good. But the nother time I needed to go outside nobody waked up and I could not get outside so I had to be sick in the couch room on the floor and then He has to clean it up in the morning.

He doesn't like that much and I don't neither. Maybe they should take turns sleeping so's someone would always be up when I needs to go outside. That's a good idea, don't you think so?

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  1. poor scrooge....i left a puking dog to come home and find cat puke on my kitchen floor...i think the animals are trying to tell me something, i just don't know