Saturday, June 20, 2009

I go for a car ride

The other day I getted to go with Him for a car ride.

I thinked maybe we were going to do a bug job.

but no. So then I thinked maybe we were going to go pick up Her.

I think She has been away for too long and it is time for Her to come back.

But no. We does not go to do a bug job. And we does not go pick Her up.

We went all the way to Barrie and we went to the bus station and we picked up Tamara.

I likes Tamara. But I wanted HER.

On the way home in the van I getted all fussed. I wanted to go pick Her up. But they doesn't.

I whined and acted up and He thought maybe I has to go pee so He stopped at the side of the road and letted me out.

But no one even getted out of the van with me! He and Tamara both stayed sitting in the van!!

So I jumped out and sniffed around a bit but then I jumped right back in the van.

I wasn't going to go pee all by myself. And She was not anywhere around there cuz I checked.

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  1. When, oh when, is She going to come home!?!?