Sunday, June 21, 2009

He is gone too

Scrooge is depressed

Can you believe it?! He went away TOO!
Scrooge the blogging walker hound

He leaved me here with Tamara and He went away and I keeps looking and looking for him and every time I hears a noise outside I thinks it must be Him and maybe He is back with Her too but it is not.

I hopes He will come back soon. And maybe He will bring Her too. That would be good.
going for a walk

But today Tamara and me wented for a walk and that was fun. After our walks we wented down to the lake and I gets wet.snapping turtle

Oh, and I almost forgotted to tell you. We had another turtle come to visits us. Or maybe it is the same turtle that camed before and it camed back. I like to sniff the turtle but I'm not allowed to go too close cuz the turtle is a snapper. I don't know what snapper means but I thinks it is something about biting.

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  1. Oh noes! I hope they both come back soon.

    Scrooge, I am pretty sure that a "Snapper" turtle will snap your paw in two if you try to play with him. He could also try to snap at your tail or your nose. He did not get the name 'Snapper" by mistake!