Friday, May 29, 2009

She camed home

Yesterday he went away for a long long time.

And he leaved an open can of dog food on the kitchen counter and I could smells it and that was not nice!!

AND I was playing with my bone and it getted away under the couch and I couldn't gets it out again and that was making me cranky too.

I hadded foods in my bowl but I didn't eats it because He was not home. I eats when He gets home.

But He didn't get home for a long time!

When he did, He brought Her...and Tamara came too!

And they had too many boxes and bags and stuffs but nothing good for Scrooge-dogs.

But I eated my food and I getted my bone.

So then I was happy again.

And She is home again and maybe She will takes me for more walks again.


  1. I hate when toys get lost under the sofa!

  2. Sorry to hear about the open food to tease you. That wasn't very nice.
    But glad She is home with Tamara. Hopefully both will spend time with you. from Flemisa