Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scrooge is shaking

I am shaking cuz the ducks is noisy and the sky is dark and I thinks that there is maybe going to be thunders.

And to make me even more stressing out both He and She have putted their shoes on and yesterday they went away and leaved me here all alone and I didn't like it but there was no thunders.

But today there IS going to be thunders.

Oh good. She putted a bag in her pocket. That must means I gets to go with Her. Oh, and she's got cheeses too!

She thinks we is going to go for a walk when there is going to be thunders? Is She crazy? I do not like thunders. I likes walks but I do not likes thunders. Now what is Scrooge supposed to do?


  1. Thunders?!? Oh noes! Run and hide under the bed! That's what I always do.

  2. yes scrooge, she is