Friday, May 8, 2009


Jessa says I should write a post about DOG.

DOG was Her dog - and Jessa's and Tamara's too - from before She & He meeted. When She came to live with Ma and Him and Scrooge, DOG camed too.

DOG was a very good dog. She hads much better manners than I does. She gots to hang out at His video store with Him almost every day because DOG never got barky or rude. Big customers, little customers and dog visitors all loved DOG and she loved them.

She liked to come here to stay with me better though. She LOVED the lake. DOG would spend hours and hours and days and days down by the edge of the water digging for clams if they letted her. She liked to go in the boat with Her too.

I goes in the boat sometimes - but only for a minute. Soon's I'm in it, I jumps out the other side. I do not likes the boat. But DOG did. She used to stand up on the seat but then if waves was coming she would get down in the bottom until they stopped.

She liked it when She catched fishes too, except she would whine when She threw them back.

I miss DOG. We played together - and we would go 'sploring sometimes. I does not like to go too far all by my self, but when we were together it was always not scary.

She was a very good dog. But she gotted sick and she went to the vet for 3 days and the last day she did not come back. She cried and He was sad. Jessa and Tamara misses DOG too. She was a very special dog.

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