Friday, May 15, 2009

Come Walk With Scrooge Part 1

Today we tooked the camera with us for our walk. So she tooked pictures and I will tells you all about our walk. So it will be just like if you comes for a walk with Scrooge.

Oh poop. All ready to go but She forgetted her keys. She always forgets her keys so I get all excited and then we has to go back for them. Good thing they are right by the door this time. You can see that He still hasn't finished the trims after he putted new woodstuff on the wall a long time ago.

This is the lot across from our house. It used to have lots of trees and birds and little critters and stuff. But then they comed and cutted it all down so they could build houses but they didn't build houses. They just went away.

This is our carplace and our house and our garage and our bicycle and our trees and our stuffs. That's Georgian Bay on the nother side of the house.

That is the rOOd dustbunny house but the rOOd dustbunny dog wasn't out.

Here's where we're going. Up the road.

They cutted down more trees on both sides of the road in this part. *SAD*

On that side they didn't put any houses yet either.

But on the nother side they are building some.

See the window on the right of this house? That's Buddy. He is another dog what barks at me every time I goes by. He is not a rOOd dustbunny though. He just wants to play with me, I thinks.

The house behind the trees is my friend Sue's house. We goes to visit her sometimes. But today She said no.

That's the statue on the corner. One side is like a people.

The other side is a bear. If we turns at the bear we is going on a short boring walk.

But yay for you and me, we doesn't turn. We goes across the road to the bridge.

We gots to stop now cause this is getting too long and He and She have to go pick up the kids to come pet Scrooge and play with Scrooge and give Scrooge treats all weekends. I hopes you will come back tomorrow to finish our walk and see the surprises!

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