Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bad Scrooge!!!

I got in trouble when we went for our walks today. She yelled at me and didn't give me more cheeses.

I thinks maybe I did not get the mystery of the cheeses solved quite right after all.

I knows that if I doesn't bark and pull the leash and try to gets to dogs that is on the trail or in the yards that she gives me cheese.

So when we walked past dustbunny dog next door I did not bark or pull even though that bad dustbunny dog barked and runned as far as he could on his leash. That is ROOD!

I was good.

She gave me cheese.

And then I barked and pulled at my leash and told the dustbunny dog that I doesn't likes him and I wouldn't stops and She gotted mad at me.

But I already hads my cheese.

But I only got one more cheese when we walked by the silly little pug puppy's house and only when we was going, not when we was coming home. Maybe she forgot my cheese? Or maybe I forgotted not to pull.

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