Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Decisions, decisions

She do maked me to choose today and I do not liked that!

I do liked helping He to work outside!

I do liked to be outside in case She do tried to sneak to go in She's kayak with no dogs too. I do not liked for She to go in She's kayak with not me! And Kali too!

But She do liked to go in She's kayak with no dogs so She do called we to stop being with He and come in to we house so She might could lock we in we house so She can go in She's kayak and not taked me!!!

As soon as She do called we in to we house I do getted a little bit s'picius. I do looked at She and I do thinked She do looked like She do had a plan so I do not come in.

She do called me bunches of times and I do ignored She but Kali do getted in and do you knowed what?!

She do gived Kali treats! I still do not comed when She do called me and She do keeped giving Kali more jerky!!!

And I do KNOWED She do be tricking me but I can not standed to watch Kali to eat all we jerky She maked so I do had to changed my mind and go in we house to had jerky.

And I was RIGHT!!!

She do gived we jerky. But then She do getted out we door and She do not letted we to go out in She's kayak with She!

Next time maybe I will not letted She to trick me!

But I do liked we jerky though! And I do not liked Kali to eated mine jerky!!

Anyways, after She do getted in She's kayak and getted away without we, He do letted we to come out and helped He to work some more.

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