Sunday, March 9, 2014

K, that's enough babydogs now

So I do complained about Kali not letting me to get close to we babydogs... but now I do be allowed and guess what?

I do thinked I do had 'nuff time to play with we babydogs now!

They do liked me very much!!

They do followed me and jumped on me and fighted for who will liked to getted more closer to me!

And when I do getted tired of they and I do go up on we couch to had a break they do whined and jumped and whined and jumped and they do tried to getted up on we couch to come to be with me!! 

I do be getted tired!

Do you liked they picture Paddington's She do taked for we?

Those is we two babydogs that do not had no furrever homes yet.  

You might could had one, don't you thinked so?


  1. We like baby dogs. They kind look like me when I was little.

  2. I like the babydogs! I think they are cute! :)