Friday, January 17, 2014

The Treat Fairy is Back!!!

We do finded treats!!!

In the big crate He setted up in She's office!!!!

I do not knowed why He thinked we might could need a new big crate but He do silly things sometimes so I do not thinked about it too much.

I do just ignored that crate. And Aswell too.

But today I do smelled pepperonis and I do not knowed why I do smelled they and I do not finded they!

So I do bugged and bugged She.

I do head butted She and I do talked at She and I do getted quite mad at She too!

Then Aswell do comed back in we house from he's barking outside and he smelled they too!!!

And he finded they!!

There do be treats!!

In we crate!!! 

We Treat Fairy do used to putted treats in we pen outside when we do not be in we pen!!

And now we Treat Fairy do be back to putted treats in we inside crate!!!

Oh, I DO hoped we Treat Fairy will liked to come back more times!

I do liked She and He to gived we treats but we do had to DO stuff to getted those.

The Treat Fairy do not maked we to sit or stay or dance or lay down or ANYTHING!!! 

Those is FREE treats!!


  1. FREE treats???? I do not knows about those!!!!!! I NEEDS to getted me some FREE treats! Oh I do hopes that treat fairy do so come to mine house