Monday, January 27, 2014

Oopsie! My bad

I did do a VERY BAD THING.

And the worstest thing about it is that She do seed me!!

And oh my goodness, She do yelled at me!!

She do chased me and catched me and putted me outside and telled me I do be a very bad boy and outside do be for peeing!!

And She do telled me LOUD and She do skerred me!!!

And then I do thinked She might could never liked me any more but She do liked me even though I do beed quite bad.

I do not be allowed to pee in we house.

Not even if I do beed a little bit upsetted because Kali do growled at me whenever I do tried to go near we's babydogs and she do not wanted to played with me.

And not even if Gibbs do comed to visit so I do wanted to tell Gibbs that those babydogs and Kali and She and He do be mine, not he's!

And if I do had to pee in we house I do needed to do it where She might could not seed me!

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  1. Awww, I am sorry this happened. Tomorrow will be better, sweetheart. :)