Friday, September 13, 2013


I do be getting a little bit ferusterated with He & She!! And Aswell too!

Just cuz Finn next door getted stinked by a skunk, He & She do not be letting we to go outside when we do wanted to!!

He & She do keeped opening we pen door for we, not we nother door!

We do not wanted to stay in we pen!!!

We do wanted to go finded Finn's skunk!!!

I do thinked skunks do be quite inneresting!! 


  1. I do not know about snunks. But I do knows about racoons. I do thinked that were one in mine own back yards the nother day when there do be a strange sound! But I did runned right back to mine house for pro-tection!

  2. Oh I think you should stay away from skunks, they stink!