Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Funny

Today Aswell do had a lot of funs and he do maked he's own Monday funny!

All day he do be getting in troubles and he do stealed unnerwears and socks and stuffs he do not be sposed to have.

And She do beed busy writing on one of She's blogs and She do not gived Aswell enough attentions for he's acting up.

So then he do finded a way to MAKE She to pay attentions to he!

He do waited till She do finished sweeping She's floors...

and then he do grabbed She's sunflower seeds!!!

Those sunflower seeds do maked a good noise!! And a good big fun mess too!!

She can not to ignored sunflower seed rain. Or He too!!


  1. Sunflower seeds? Do they be like kibbles what fall out of mine treat ball? I do so likes it when I eats my suppers out of mine treat ball. I hope I can try sunflower seeds one day too! And course, I do be happy that Aswell did had some funs today...

  2. Oh wow, are those delicious? I like snacks!